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We are dedicated to providing comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment services in New Jersey.

The New Jersey HIV Planning Group (NJHPG) is a collaborative formed and maintained by the New Jersey Department of Health, Division of HIV, STD, and TB Services (DHSTS) that combines HIV Care and Treatment with HIV Prevention Planning efforts.

HIV Planning is a critical process where we work in partnership with the community and key stakeholders to enhance HIV prevention, care, and treatment services in New Jersey.

  • Executive Committee- Provides leadership to the Group
  • Governance Committee- Provides structure to the Group 
  • Integrated Planning Committee
  • Priority Setting Committee
  • Community Engagement Committee
  • Data and Research Committee

Integrated Planning Committee

The work of the Integrated Planning Committee is to support the development of a comprehensive, integrated plan that looks at HIV care and prevention services across the State in partnership with the other grantees on a 3-year cycle per guidance from CDC & HRSA. 

Review data gathered from other committees as well as the gap analysis completed by Data & Research Committee. The Committee’s task is to begin developing a plan that responds to findings from data and the gap analysis, making recommendations, and setting goals, objectives, and action steps to address the identified needs. 

Integrated Planing Committee

Priority Setting Committee

The Priority Setting Committee is responsible for understanding and accessing where services are now and where they need to be. The Committee considers: 

  • what is needed, what is missing, what is lacking, what is cutting edge, what is innovative

  • how we can fill in the gaps, and how to do this with a Statewide perspective

  • draw from quantitative and qualitative data from and other sources to understand what is needed. 

Priority Setting Committee

Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee works to identify prevention, care, treatment needs, and interventions for high-risk populations; develop outreach strategies to inform and engage communities while meeting them where they are through access and equity and at community events; cultivate/develop future leaders in the community; and build community space, presence & trust.

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Commuity Engangement Committee
Working with Financial Documents

Data & Research Committee

The Data and Research Committee takes the lead in requesting data from the State and then analyzing and understanding the data received. The Committee is a resource for all other committees and their data needs.

It plays a role in creating, maintaining, and updating the resource directory. Undertakes an annual process of determining what the needs assessment questions are. 

Data Research Committee

Executive Committee

We conduct research and evaluation activities to inform the development of effective HIV prevention and care interventions.

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Executive Committee
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Governance Committee

We offer training and technical assistance to healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders in order to build capacity for HIV prevention and care.

Governance Committee

Committee Personality Quiz

Remember, this is just a suggestion, and your individual interests and skills can contribute to any committee. The most important thing is to find a role where you can feel passionate, engaged, and make a meaningful contribution.

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